Top 5 Mistakes Dropshippers Make.

I currently run a Shopify Dropshipping store and these are the mistakes I noticed when was first starting.

1. Not choosing to work with local suppliers or in my case U.S. suppliers

The one downside of dropshipping is as usual; its slow shipping times. This is why I recommend connecting with any local suppliers in your area that are in your industry. Connect with them, don’t try and make an offer just yet but get to know them and learn how their operations work, after you have some sort of mutual relationship, make an offer where not only you will benefit but if you will. Because if everything goes well, potentially you’ll be working with them again in the future for your orders.

2. Dropshipping on Aliexpress

Dropshipping on Aliexpress is not a bad idea, but you’re competing for low-quality goods with low-profit margins. Now I’m not saying it’s entirely impossible to be profitable on Aliexpress, because you can find those winning products on there that give you amazing margins. But if you’re genuinely trying to create an online brand, I’d recommend local suppliers in your area.

3. Incorrect Audience

In dropshipping, marketing is everything. You can’t sell braces to people that already have straight teeth. It’s the wrong Audience. Before you launch your ad campaign, I recommend figuring out the age group and demographics of your audience. This will allow you to have a higher likelihood that people will buy from you.

4. Selling a crappy product

No one likes low-quality goods. Before dropshipping a product, you should sit down and think if you’d buy it yourself. This also unconsciously tricks you into putting more hours into your business to sell your product. The more you’re in “love” with the product, the more it’s easier to sell because you genuinely love the product and you’re not just selling it to make a quick buck.

5. Not proving your value to your customers

Do you know why the iPhone is more popular than other smartphones out there? It’s because people love the brand. The one thing that differentiates all competitors that are selling anything is authenticity. No one wants to buy from a brand that looks like one of those low-quality websites with Indian Scammers trying to steal their credit card information. You want to show to your customers who you are and the value that you bring to them. Because people don’t buy the information or the product, they buy Who You Are and How You Do It.

Feel free to comment below any questions, I’m happy to answer all of them.

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